Bespoke insulation solutions for industrial customers

ROCKWOOL CORE SOLUTIONS, part of the ROCKWOOL GROUP, is the right partner for industrial manufacturers who need customised insulation solutions for specific applications. The outstanding thermal, fire, acoustic and sustainable properties of ROCKWOOL stone wool make it a preferred product for industrial applications. With a variety of products, certificates and test reports, the ROCKWOOL team is able to satisfy your specific needs and support you with its expertise and experience. Our wide product range covers the following applications but is not limited to them:


ROCKWOOL CORE SOLUTIONS sandwich panels consist of two outer metal sheets (steel, aluminum, other) with ROCKWOOL stone wool sandwiched between them. Stone wool cores provide non combustibility performance and robust mechanical performance.
Stone wool sandwich panels cover many applications in steel building construction such as: external walls, roofs, ceiling panels, fire rated and acoustic sandwich panels for commercial and industrial buildings, clean rooms, food processing, cold storage facilities, prefabricated cabins, containers, leisure buildings, hospitals, schools…

Prefabricated building elements

Prefabricated industrial building elements integrating thermal insulation or fire protection or acoustic control are widespread today. They are used both in new construction and in renovation projects, for example composite building elements or multi-layered panels.

The products for building element applications require high mechanical strength because the insulation core is mechanically stressed compared to classical applications. These products must also have narrow dimensional tolerances and dust-free surfaces to ensure reliable bonding with a top layer.

An extensive range of specific products for various applications can be deployed: products with vertically oriented fibre structure, lamellas, tooled boards (or slabs) with edge or surface profiling etc.

Insulated bricks are another interesting application. Highly insulated exterior walls are a prerequisite for low energy consumption houses. Filling bricks with stone wool is one of the ways to achieve this goal. ROCKWOOL has developed a range of specialty products with a thermal conductivity ≤ 0.035 W/mK which significantly improves the insulating properties of bricks. Such monolithic wall construction can even achieve low U-values for passive houses.

Acoustic design and noise abatement

 The purpose of, for example, a ventilation system is to provide a comfortable indoor environment. If the noise level of a system is perceived to be irritatingly high, the users are likely to be dissatisfied. Therefore acoustic dampers are used to reduce the sound emanating from ventilators, or from other noise sources as appropriate.
Acoustic baffles can also be used in industrial settings for noise abatement, sometimes to meet local neighbourhood regulations.
Acoustic products must fulfil specific requirements, depending on the application, which may include high sound absorption, fire resistance, strict hygiene or high dimensional stability. ROCKWOOL products satisfy all requirements and offer a variety of customised solutions for many applications: silencers, acoustic baffles, air-conditioners, sound barriers etc.

Smoke ducting systems

 Chimney ducts can be installed inside or outside buildings to vent exhaust gases from fireplaces and heating equipment. The ducts require thermal and fire protection to safeguard adjacent building elements.
Stone wool products, made from volcanic rock, are highly recommended for smoke system applications due to their high melting point - above 1000°C - and their non-combustibility - A1 euro class. The certified chimney insulation is soot-fire resistant.
Condensation in the chimney, and subsequent damage, can be prevented by using adequate chimney insulation. A wide variety of products such as grooved mats, concentrically wound- or segmented pipe sections or individual pre-cuts are manufactured for this application.

Industrial heating systems

Bakery ovens, automatic dry ovens, gas turbines, industrial dryers, boilers etc. all develop high temperatures during operation. In order to reduce heat loss and save energy, and to guarantee a safe surface temperature, insulation materials with high temperature resistance are required. ROCKWOOL CORE SOLUTIONS provides a wide range of products for these applications. Our technical specialists offer you guidance on the optimal insulation solution (indicative calculation of heat loss and surface temperature) for your specific installation.

Fire barriers and safety systems

A key component of a fire protection door is the insulation, which reduces the heat transfer in case of fire. Insulation for fire protection doors made of ROCKWOOL non-combustible stone wool with a melting point above 1000 °C provides robust fire safety performance. A high level of prefabrication, integrated cooling effects, and other attributes, allow for a variety of design options.

Renewable energy systems

 Solar collectors are used to capture heat from solar radiation. To minimise heat loss and thereby increase energy efficiency, they incorporate special insulation. ROCKWOOL CORE SOLUTIONS has developed dedicated insulation materials that can be used even at collector stagnation temperatures of 260 °C. System solutions for the edge insulation and special laminated solar insulation complete the product range.