Stone wool benefits

More fire protection:

Non-combustible ROCKWOOL insulation never fuels or spreads a fire. However if there is a fire, it can act as a fire barrier and does not emit dangerous amount of smoke or toxic gases.

More thermal insulation:

ROCKWOOL stone wool provides effective protection against both cold and heat. Its insulation properties are due to natural entrapped air and therefore it does not emit noxious gases or blowing agents like HCFC, pentane, CO2.

More acoustic protection:

ROCKWOOL stone wool has a natural open cell structure making it ideal for absorbing and regulating noise.

More sustainability:

ROCKWOOL stone wool is one of the most environmentally robust insulation materials in the world. In its lifetime a typical ROCKWOOL insulation product saves more than 100 times the energy invested in its manufacture, transport and disposal. Its properties remain on a high level during the whole life cycle. This long term performance is a key environmental characteristic, plus there is no need to upgrade the insulation after a period of time.rockwool stone wool is based on a renewable and plentiful natural resource and is not considered as harmful to humans.